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KPMG Digital Summit 2017

Summit Venue

Eko Hotel Convention Center
Eko Hotels and Suites
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Summit Date

Wednesday,  1 November 2017

The financial services industry has continued to show remarkable developments with entry of new innovative technology solutions, emergence of new digital business models, increasing adoption of FinTech services, growing local and international investments in technology innovation amongst other developments.  FinTechs deliver social and economic outcomes by leveraging technology innovation to address challenges in financial services such as improved financial inclusion, effective payments, better customer experience, access to alternative financing  etc. With many countries competing to position as the world’s leading financial services technology innovation hub, there is an increasing need to drive the sustainable development of digital innovation across Africa.  As a stakeholder in the financial services industry, KPMG seeks to facilitate discussions that will drive the sustainable growth and development of digital innovation to ensure delivery of value to consumers, businesses and financial services industry at Large.

KPMG Digital Summit 2017 is a sequel to the Fintech Summit which held in November 2016 and attracted over 400 participants including FinTechs, financial service institutions, government, private equity and venture capital firms, amongst other stakeholders with interest in digital innovation in the financial services industry. The areas of focus for this year’s summit include:

  • The future of financial services – Transforming for the digital era
  • Key lessons from economies leading in digital innovation
  • Understanding the role of government and regulators in the sustainable evolution of FinTech
  • Insights into how Open API can drive innovation and collaboration in financial services
  • Fintech case studies – specifically in payments, alternate lending platforms and financial inclusion.

Join the growing list of Participants at the Digital Summit 2017